User Testimonials

"Kicksend is great, its fast and super easy to use. I love the fact that the mobile app is so smooth too. When I'm sharing photos after a girls night out, for example, it's such a relief and super convenient to be able to send things on the go."
Cassandra L.
"Kicksend should be called Godsend. I must use it 4-5 times a week and it never disappoints."
Ariel R.
"My wife and I use Kicksend as an easy way to share photos of the kids. Its way, way easier than sending numerous photos via email or text messages. What's even better, my wife uses Kicksend to send those very same photos to her older family members' email addresses. They're less likely to sign up for a new service, so it's great being able to quickly and easily use the Kicksend app to send photos or videos right to their inboxes."
Brent C.
"Kicksend is great! I had to send some video files that seemed way too big to send, but I set up Kicksend, went to bed and the next morning: voila! It was all taken care of. I'm not very technologically-oriented, but it was easy to follow the instructions and get my project done, literally while I slept!"
Alex L.
"Kicksend makes it very easy for me to send files to my son in Denver for our nature photography website. It is fast and very easy to use."
Gene C.

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