Kicksend + Windows 8

A match made in photo heaven.

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Sending tons of photos can be painful. With Kicksend, you can share unlimited, full-resolution photo albums privately with exactly who you want, when you want.

Road trips. Epic parties. Your first apartment. We automatically organize your photos by location and date so they’re ready to share at a moment’s notice.

Kicksend helps you free your inbox (and everyone else’s) of photo attachments. All your pictures are stored securely with us, so you can view and download them from any device (Windows, Android, iOS, web).

Delight in these moments forever.

The possibilities for storytelling are endless. Did you know you can transform your photos into a lovely wreath for autumn? Or that you can brighten up your cabinets by turning them into photo frames? Join our fantastic community of DIY’ers and photography lovers to get tons of fun and easy project ideas!

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